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Rated 5 5 line 6 pod ux2 i have been jammnin with line 6 four over twenty years and they have yet to let me down in any way at all, the ux2 was yet the best in programs that i have to make sounds of any typ out there or that i can think up. Line 6s toneport ux1 and ux2 are computer recording interfaces aimed at the guitarist or bassist who might also want to record vocals and other instruments. Line 6 pod studio ux2 setup manual pdf download manualslib. All you need to get started is your compatible line 6 device and an internet connection. This recording hardware software combo enables guitar players to tap in to line 6 s revered line of guitar, bass, and fx tones through the pod farm plugin. Installing line 6 drivers and setting line 6 device to be external sound card in windows vista. Line 6 is aware of the current issues with our drivers and os x mountain lion. Gearboxtoneport setup for line 6 monkey compatibility check windows this document is designed to provide information for using line 6 monkeys compatibility check utility. Link your guitar and computer, with software amp simulations and effects.

When you install the gearbox software that comes with the unit, you get drivers supported by asio, wdm and mac os x core audio. Select the ux2 as the target device when monkey prompts you. Toneport ux2 compared to my maudio fasttrack pro by slingy on 20070223 01. This single installer includes a complete software package for guitarport, toneport, podxt and pod x3 devices. Then it sends me to your web site which asks me to buy something. Start recording with toneport gx the usb recording interface that gives guitarists the legendary sound of pod at an unprecedented price. I was first having problems upgrading to pod farm 2, but then realized that i had to additionally purchase a pod farm 2 license because for some reason pod farm was not detecting a license on my hardware. Line 6 replied to my support ticket with some information that might be usefull for those of you out there that are experiencing connectivity issues. Apr 30, 2012 the line 6 toneport ux2 is the center piece of our studio sound capturing equipment whether it be vocal tracks for narrations or voice overs or just banging out guitar or bass riffs.

In addition to the audio interface, you also get line 6s enhanced pod farm software, which can be used as an au, rtas, or vst plugin within your favorite. Expand your devices model set to match the full power of a podxt, for a total of 36 amp models and over 50 stompbox and studio effects. Media line 6 line 6 toneport ux2 drivers download update your computers drivers using drivermax, the free driver update tool. Page 2 both the included ableton live lite 5 software and gearbox are configured by default to work together all that is required is to choose your toneport ux2 as an active controller device within the ableton live software. Line 6 toneport ux8 recording interface musicians friend. Toneport kb37 toneport ux1 toneport ux 2 toneport ux8 variax variax 300600 variax acoustic variax bass variax bass 705 variax shuriken line 6 pod studio gxkb37ux1 ux 2. Can anyone please tell me what software is included in the studio ux2 box and what each piece of software is used to do. Get the guaranteed best price on audio interfaces like the line 6 pod studio ux2 with pod farm at musicians friend. Exclusive line 6 tonedirect monitoring eliminates latency so you can record with amp and effect modelingwithout sacrificing tone or feel. Line6 introduced a new software package for the pod studio line, called pod farm, which replicates most of the. You can also enjoy 24 speaker cabinet models, which use the same podxt framework, and over 24 studio effects to optimize your session. Pod farm is mac aurtasvst and windows rtasvst compatible for seamless integration with all major recording software applications.

Dec 21, 2007 the best you can expect is to run the mixers channels 1 and 2 direct via the subgroup outs or the inserts to the toneport s line inputs, and route the toneport s line outputs through 2 open channels on the eurodesk input monitor setup, feeding the stereo outs which in turn will feed your amp monitors. Toneport ux2 hardware interface is usbpowered and come with line 6 gearbox modeling software, which provides a musthave collection of 16 guitar and 5 bass ampcab models, 24 stompbox and studio effects up to 10 at once, and 6 models of highend studio microphone preamps. In each case, you get a twoin, twoout usb audio interface with mic, line and instrument inputs and a suite of amp and effect modelling software derived from the pod xt and bass pod xt. The software that comes with a new unit includes podfarm which is a great modeling software featuring many effects,amps and cabinets to have fun with. Mar 15, 2019 line 6 toneport ux2 drivers were collected from official websites of manufacturers and other trusted sources. Installing line 6 drivers and setting line 6 device to be external. Your line 6 hardware must be connected to your computer via usb in order to authorize and use the pod farm software. Get all three of our most popular model pack upgrades for your line 6 compatible hardware in a single bundle at an amazing price. Footswitch 1 is configured to toggle lives playstop, and footswitch 2 to toggle record onoff. Line 6 is committed to supporting these new macintosh systems and will be releasing versions of gearbox software and toneport drivers that are compatible with them. The freshest addition to line 6 s acclaimed toneport family of audio recording interfaces, the compact new toneport gx is sleek, striking and strippeddown, but this portable, palmsized powerhouse offers nothing less than professionalgrade 24bit audio. Ok, i recently purchased the toneport ux2 used off of ebay and received it a couple days ago.

Pc pitstop began in 1999 with an emphasis on computer diagnostics and maintenance. A driver is a software component that installs on a mac or windows. I purchased the gear box plugin and every model pack available. The ads help us provide this software and web site to you for free. Line 6 pod studio ux2 how to install the software youtube. Please note that any information you disclose through such services or otherwise on our sites may become public information and may be available to visitors to the sites and to the general public. Access a worldrenowned collection of amps, cabs and effects with pod farm 2. I cantdont know how to use pod farm 2 software or link it with a recording software like cubase 5 to record music with my guitar. Toneport is a line of usb audio interfaces from line 6 which extended the earlier guitarport. Download latest drivers for line 6 toneport ux2 on windows.

Plus, exclusive line 6 tone direct monitoring virtually eliminates latency allowing you to record with amp and effect modeling and without sacrificing tone or feel. Footswitch 1 is configured to toggle lives playstop, and. What you may not know is that the device has its own builtin asio drivers, which essentially means you can use the device as an external sound card. One of the very useful functions line 6 monkey is capable of is to perform a scan of your windows system and let you know if there are any components that do not. The toneport ux2, although light in weight, could be a little more portable. During the early days of the dot com boom, our online pc maintenance tools were skyrocketing. Namm 09 line 6 toneport kb37 midi keyboard audio interface. Line 6 toneport ux2 digital recording interface ebay. A release date has not yet been determined please watch the line 6 website for upcoming announcements.

Obviously 2 sound devices working at the same time. Line 6 toneport ux2 has all the same features as the toneport ux1 with 2 xlr mic inputs with phantom power, 2 14 inputs 1 for highgain instruments, digital output, assiginable vu meters, 2 footswitch jacks, and a separate volume control for the headphone output. As you can see from the picture it has multiple connections for your instruments, pedals, microphones and speakers. Hi guys, 2 weeks ago, my sound card ux2 worked well, but suddenly she stopped to work. Since 2006 ive been trying unsucessfully to figure out how to make music using a toneport ux2. You could also purchase the gearbox plug in and use your current maudio box if you just want to get the line 6 sounds direct. The hardware update wizard states that cannot start this hardware there was a problem installing this hardware. Line 6 pod studio ux2 with pod farm musicians friend. Sometimes support tickets will be filtered to spam and junk folders. Line 6 toneport ux2 driver for windows 7 32 bit, windows 7 64 bit, windows 10, 8, xp.

In each case, you get a twoin, twoout usb audio interface with mic, line and instrument inputs and a suite of amp and effect modelling software derived from the pod xt and bass pod xt, plus some newly added vocal preamp models. The gearbox software interface packaged with toneport. When i go to control panel and sounds, under recording, i have line 6 speakers and spdif as the only items working, w line 6 set on default. Pod farm 2 when the toneport and my guitar is connected. If you perform a software update, including but not limited to a firmware update, to a ygg affiliated product, then ygg will collect personal information from you, such as your ip address and unique product id so that we can ensure. Drivermax media line 6 line 6 toneport ux2 drivers download. Line 6 toneport ux2 sound cards drivers for windows. Line 6 toneport ux2 usb recordingmodeling interface guitar. This version of gearbox includes drivers which support windows 7.

Toneport hardware and software is compatible with the most popular mac and windows recording programs. This free firmware update for helix and hx hardware processors introduces a new amp model, two new cab models, six new effects models, output and gain reduction meters, signal presentclip meters, and more. With the toneport ux1, line 6 have succeeded in taking the allinone guitarists. The toneport line6 software and the abbelton software works just as it did on the pc. With pod studio ux2, you can create incredible recordingsfrom the first idea to the final mix. Also, the computer i will need to use with the ux2 does not have a cd rom drive. Please support our project by allowing our site to show ads. The problem of no output from ux2 magically vanished after setting the ux2 to be windows audio interface, then resetting the pc soundcard to be the one in use. The line 6 toneport ux2 recording interface features a number of classic and modern amp models that are based on the efficient design of the podxt system.

They suggested downloading and installing the latest pod farm software, start up your computer, open pod farm but turn off all the models and let that run in the background, then open your daw. Built on the technological foundation of the studiostandard pod xt and bass pod xt direct. Monkey will not open whats to do do i need to buy pod farm first. The package is perfect for singersongwriters who want quality amp and preamp emulations, hardware that performs well, and software that. Kb37 same audio interface features as the ux2, plus a 37note velocity sensitive midi keyboard controller. How to register and activate brand new pod studio ux2 by using line 6 monkey. Premium guitar tone plugin features vintage and modern amps, cabs, classic stompboxes, colorful preamps, and more. I would like to ask you for the best settings for the ux2 in my computer, because when i play in the podfarm not in the recording software the guitar sounds very nice, but then when i record the guitar it sounds very bad quality like it has limited level of volume and i cant make. This recording hardware software combo enables guitar players to tap in to line 6s revered line of guitar, bass, and fx tones through the pod farm plugin. Model packs are software addons that dramatically expand the collection of amp and effects models in compatible line 6 hardware devices, or on computers authorized to run pod farm 2. We are diligently working on a release that addresses the audio artifacts and expect to have a release in the next couple of weeks, barring any unforeseen issues. Line 6 pod farm 2 recording setup guide english rev. Line 6 toneport ux2 digital recording interface for sale.

Line 6 pod studio gx compact guitar interface sweetwater. I have a vista operating system and cubase music studio and an xfi soundblaster card. Pod farm 2 platinum delivers an expansive model count, a simple yet powerful workflow, and worldrenowned pod tone for any daw. Dual tone capability this version of pod farm contains a line 6 license that is not compatible with an ilok device. Basically the line 6 toneport ux2 is a usb audio interface.

Keep your line 6 gear uptodate with the latest updates. Riffworks and reason are both fun and the lite version of ableton thats supplied is ok but i prefer using reaper as it can do more. Monitoring of your processed signal through the ux8 provides immediate responsiveness while you record. Line 6 pod studio ux2 audio interface for guitarists. Official driver packages will help you to restore your line 6 toneport ux2 sound cards. More information on ilokcompatible pod farm can be found here. Jan 10, 2009 line 6 pod studio ux2 problem sound dropping cutting out with sony acid pro 7 duration. Hi, i wanted to ask about the settings of the ux2 at my computer.

Line 6 toneport ux2 driver download pc matic driver library. Gearbox is the line 6 software that gives the toneport ux1 and ux2 hardware interfaces worldclass studio tone on the desktop. Downloading and installing line 6 monkey for pod hd youtube. Ableton live lite line 6 studio edition 16track recording software. Oct 24, 2019 line 6 toneport ux2 interface and software bundle. Add to your compatible hardware 28 bass amp and 22 bass cab models all paired with the perfect mic selection and additional tone shaping parameters.

The software installed on to my dell 15 laptop running vista basic with no problems, the line 6 monkey quickly got all the software updated again without any problems. It is, however, a versatile interface for guitar and microphone signals, equipped with a large range of line 6 quality sounds that cover just about all the bases when it comes to recording. The company have spent years developing and refining their pod range of outboard gear, and their guitarport system which features a usb interface and a set of software. When i launch the software it says it will not process audio due to the software not being registered. Get a low price and free shipping on thousands of items. Line 6 pod studio ux2 problem sound dropping cutting out with sony acid pro 7 duration. An email will be sent to you from line 6 containing a link if a line 6 support representative determines that a ticket is necessary to troubleshoot your issue. Please follow the link in the email to view your open ticket to work one on one with line 6 support. Uploaded on 322019, downloaded 3145 times, receiving a 93100 rating by 2628 users. Line 6 toneport ux2 driver direct download was reported as adequate by a large percentage. This free firmware update for helix and hx hardware processors introduces a new amp model, two new cab models, six new effects models.

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